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Al Ahli General Transport Company was established in 1983 first we started with transportation and later we started trading in cement and diesel. We are based in FUJAIRAH.

Al Ahli General Transport Company is one of the sister concerns of ‘Al Ahli Group’ which is one of the major Trading, Industrial, Advertising, Construction and Real Estate Group in the East Coast based in Emirate of Fujairah and having branches all over the United Arab Emirates.

The company's activity is not only limited to United Arab Emirates, but also to other AGCC countries.  We have sales Offices in Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman.  We are mainly into transportation of Cement and Fuel and also we are trading in the same.  We have a total of 51 trailers of which 35 are used for the transportation of Gypsum, Iron Ore and cement products from Oman, 3 vehicles are used as Water Tanker, 3 vehicles are used for diesel sales and the remaining ten are used  as Cement Tanker. We are supplying high purity Oman Gypsum and Iron Ore.

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